Careers at Medimix International


“At Medimix International, we never forget that beyond every assignment we undertake, beyond every product or service we work on, there are human beings fighting diseases and professionals dedicated to improving health and quality of life. Our passion and our dedication are for those people, whoever and wherever they are –- patients, researchers, physicians, pharmacists, nurses — so that our day-to-day work can contribute to the achievement of their goals.”

Henry Gazay, Founder and CEO at Medimix International

Our Values

Our Values – Passion, respect, precision, transparency, innovation
and culture of change

At Medimix, just doing our job well is not enough. We put passion into what we do, because we value our mission, feel proud of the trust placed in us by our great clients and believe in the importance of our business for improving healthcare. Our mission is about Health and around Human lives. Our data reflects current realities and helps in designing the future of Healthcare. This can ONLY be done with a permanent and strong dedication to our work. Our role is not only to find solutions but to find the best solution for our clients’ products, markets and budget. We strive to constantly adopt the latest technologies and challenge ourselves to find the most cost-effective options. This culture of change gives us a leading edge in the healthcare information industry.

Our People

People who join us around the world bring their enthusiasm and their energy to participate with talent and professionalism in constructing our group’s future. We value people before positions. We value autonomy and creativity by offering challenging projects and an innovative environment to team players. Medimix International offers its employees – and its clients – the flexibility of a human-sized, friendly structure, with the depth and breadth of a multi-national player.

Together, with a clear vision of our future and a true passion of our mission, we can grow faster… and smarter!

Your Career

Our objective is to see you grow with the company, facing new challenges and always learning more to improve your skills.

We are pleased to provide you with a dynamic and positive business environment. We request you to be autonomous and ready to evolve continuously. But at the end of the day, the real creator of your success will be… you!

Some of our career “boosters”: orientation program for the new employees, internal seminars, annual training plans, exchanges with our teams abroad, employee performance evaluation system, and generous uncapped commission plan for sales people.