One of Medimix’s greatest strengths lies in the size and composition of its proprietary panel of global therapeutic experts, representing healthcare communities worldwide — more than two million+ and growing!

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Unlike many market research companies who rely on external panels, Medimix can offer immediate access to specialists across the globe in more than 65 countries, ensuring you reliability of information from even the most difficult to reach countries.

We manage our own panel so we can ensure both the quality of the responses and dependability of their active participation for the future. When these physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other HCPs enroll in the panel, they make a long term commitment to participate on a regular basis in the surveys that Medimix fields in any of a variety of therapeutic indications.

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All HCPs are screened, credentials checked, and they are then invited to participate in Medimix surveys, whether online or via telephone. Each is contacted directly to verify that they are medical professionals, based on provision of their medical license number (when available in the country), articles they have published which reference the physicians email address, and their practice address and professional email.

Medimix proactively monitors and protects against fraudulent respondents by cross-referencing with government or association list verification. Our standard quality protocol meets or exceeds best practice and is compliant with ISO 26392 certification, guaranteeing our clients a reduction of risk.

Medimix privacy policy is 100% compliant with the United States’ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the latest Directive EU 2016/680 and Regulation  EU 2016/679 on data privacy of the European Parliament, the Canadian PIPEDA act, and the ICC/ESOMAR code on Market and Social Research.

IF YOU ARE A MEDICAL PANELIST and would like to sign up for our panel, connect with your peers, share opinions, or seek advice from KOLs worldwide, continue to BuzzMedTM.   Click on the logo below: