ScanbuzzTM: Tracking the Impact of Clinical Trials on Social Media

New York, NY (Aug. 15, 2014):   While Pharma is still wondering how to harness Social Media, without opening the “pandora box” of adverse events, Medimix international has successfully developed a number of specialized applications dedicated to the life sciences industry. For example, by listening to social media conversations, Medimix is able to measure the impact of publication of clinical trials on the medical population, business community and media.

Identifying Supporters and Detractors of Trial Results

Thanks to ScanBuzz™ a proprietary social Media listening platform, Medimix can identify who are supporters and who are detractors of the trials results, and what are the publications at the source of these influences.  This includes analyzing the sentiments linked to the publication:  determining whether the reception of the medical community is positive, neutral or negative; and picking out the principal themes that are discussed.  In many cases, names of top blog authors or specific postings are taken and rated for frequency of posting and influence, and often can be matched up with the name of a specific KOL.

As a recent example, a client was publicizing different versions of the clinical trial results for their product, and after every publication Medimix analyzed the “burst” of details.   Results were then presented in a cloud-based, real-time dashboard with drill down capabilities.  Recommendations can be provided, for example, on how to change a message that seems to resonate poorly with the public or sometimes more specifically with the KOL segment.  In this instance the client’s subsequent release took into account the findings from the first release, changes were made to the message, and the results re-analyzed.

Reading Between the Lines:

The real key to any social media monitoring is to read between the lines, and more than monitoring to actually listen and analyze.  ScanbuzzTM looks more closely as if through the eyes of the company, carefully selecting relevant terminology, key threads and creating a company/product specific word cloud. Big Data is any source of information, and data from other sources can be combined with the company’s own data to draw conclusions. With ScanbuzzTM, Medimix has the expertise to analyze millions of posts for a single survey.

By using highly detailed cloud based dashboards, ScanbuzzTM looks at conversations first by country, then language, source of the information, and finally by sentiment and themes.  The individual posts are analyzed by humans with medical training (not machines), who have a finer sense of the nuances of a language, how humor or sarcasm is expressed, and how to categorize posts that are negative, positive and sometimes both in “mixed messages” (combinations of both positive and negative) which otherwise might be improperly categorized or not counted at all if handled by a simple algorithm.   In addition, the posts are analyzed for tone and for credibility:  whether it is scientific, has valuable medical content, or on the contrary is perhaps not even relevant.

Over the past five years, Medimix has handled several distinctive projects for companies including an initial analysis of the general knowledge and sentiment around vaccines, followed by a various studies on dengue upon the release of clinical trials results. Other areas of investigation have been antibiotics, diabetes, oncology, rheumatoid arthritis, vision impairment….

About ScanbuzzTM 

Medimix International’s  ScanbuzzTM program placed it in the forefront of social media monitoring long before many people realized how all pervasive and influential Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms would become–and how the ‘talk’  might affect every day decisions.  Many business strategies around the globe now rise and fall  or are tweaked with information gleaned from the daily musings of an interested, sometimes well-informed (or not) public.

From forums to blogs, social networks to multimedia sharing websites, Twitter to YouTube, and more, ScanBuzz™ uncovers online conversations and gives companies the tools to track, analyze, manage, monitor, and report on their social media engagement activities —in more than 10 different languages across the markets in Latin America, Europe, North America, and Asia.

Medimix first introduced ScanbuzzTM to somewhat dubious healthcare industry in 2010.   Key to the success of the syndicated product has been the unique approach to  Big Data collection, which now has proven its appeal to the lifescience industries as they prepare to launch new products, identify KOL’s,  announce the results of clinical trials, or examine public sentiment around a particular subject or marketing initiative.

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