Medimix International Featured in Pharma Tech Outlook as Among Top 10 Analytics Solution for the Pharmaceutical industry 

Medimix was selected for the development of its innovative, cloud-based platform LiveTracker™ – whose specialized technology provides real-time product performance and treatment algorithm tracking for pharma drugs– currently available across 40 countries, for 20 different oncology and hematology indications. 

Miami, FL , (May 15, 2018)

Medimix International is proud to announce that it was recently selected by PharmaTechOutlook magazine as one of the Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers 2018 in recognition of the development of its innovative, cloud-based platform, LiveTracker™ – a real-time product performance  tracker that guides pharma companies in understanding the effectiveness of their drugs by monitoring and reporting patient journeys, physicians’ product preference, awareness of the product in the market, and other critical factors.    

Henry Gazay, CEO and Founder of Medimix International commented, “We are pleased to have been recognized by Pharma Tech Outlook with this distinction as a “Top Analytics Provider in 2018.”’ Whether you are launching advanced drugs or trying to find new markets for you existing biotechnology, the Real World Insights that LiveTracker™ provides are invaluable for a wide range of client stakeholders – business development, market insights, commercial excellence, data analytics, competitive intelligence, Health Economics and Outcomes, and even IT.”   

Part of the LiveTracker™ uniqueness lies in its flexible platform, with monthly publications of syndicated data on a customizable dashboard, which can be adapted to display KPIs and a variety of metrics to fit each company’s specific needs.  Another distinguishing innovation is the single-source concept, with HCPs from Medimix’s proprietary panel of more than 2 million members reporting patient chart information to populate numerous key data points, across different countries and indications. This enables pharma companies to seamlessly compare the usage and efficiency of their drugs in multiple geographic markets.   “A unique feature when it comes to providing detailed market insights,” mentions Gazay.  

The RWE provided by LiveTracker™ is the most robust solution for market sizing and segmentation and offers a real understanding of what HCPs really do when choosing a drug or treatment path. In addition, Medimix has benchmarked years of product launches to help Pharma companies measure the success of uptake of their product.  “From our benchmarks, we can predict how long it will take for a new drug to reach its full potential and what lever to use in order to maximize adoption and prescription.”   


The concept of a continual tracker and the subsequent development of the syndicated LiveTracker™ began in 2015, initially with the LiveTracker™ Prostate Cancer, which has now delivered thousands of patient chart reports from HCPs in 25 countries.  The syndicated series has continued to expand to cover 20 different indications in oncology and hematology in 40+ countries and has been adopted by nine of the Top Ten Pharma companies.   

Expansion for this distinctive solution is being implemented for other therapeutic areas, such as diabetes and cardiology, rheumatology, neurology, and others.  

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